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From happy interns to delighted employees

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Converting the try over 6 months at Deepomatic

Choosing the right company that is a good fit for you is no easy thing. Actually, we get asked a lot of questions on what it’s like to work at Deepomatic.

Today, Zoe and Thibaut, two former Deepomatic interns who decided to continue the adventure with the team, accepted to answer a few of those recurring questions to give you a better sense of what it is like to belong to the Deepo squad.

Why did you join Deepomatic in the first place?

Zoé : Actually, I heard about Deepomatic by chance. I was seeking an internship on AI/Deep Learning to validate my degree at EPITA and I really didn’t want to work for a large company. After maybe 2 days of search, an old friend of mine, Kevin Le Dû, called me because the start-up he was working for was looking for interns to work on their visual search engine : exactly what I was looking for. After two interviews, a general one with the three founders and a technical one with Vincent Delaitre, the CTO, I was in.

The day I was hired, Deepomatic was throwing a party for their departure from their incubator (Agoranov). They invited me to come so I could meet the whole team in a friendly environment.

To sum up, I came for the technical challenges and the “start-up” spirit.

Thibaut: To validate my Data Science Master from ENSAE Paristech, I joined Deepomatic to work on the ad-tech product that was then developed by the company. My first focus was to deal with the huge amount of data we were recording from customers interacting with our product. But at the bottom, I decided to join because the tech and scientific challenges the company was dealing with seemed very engaging and I also had a very good fit with the team.

What have you been working on during your internship?

Thibaut: I started working on Mongo pipelines to process the huge amount of data we were recording on e-commerce and publishers’ websites. But after a few weeks, the focus and the strategy of the company shifted and I then started working on more research oriented projects. Those projects were ranging from the semi automation of fashion images annotation, to the performance assessment of a perfect match engine between two images of 2D objects. Finally, I also worked on prototyping a 3D object perfect match engine for pieces of art in museums.

Zoé : During my internship I worked on a lot of differents problems. At the beginning I mostly worked on small (but useful) features and test implementation in order to understand the complete architecture of our search engine.

Once I started to really understand the engine, I have been in charge of implementing more criticals features (continuous deployment for example) and research related tasks (2D perfect match).

What’s the most interesting technical challenge you’ve worked on since joining?

Zoé : I don’t really know what the most interesting task has been. Maybe make some classifiers directly for a client, train them and deploy them in production. It was actually very different than trainning “toy” classifiers for school projects. I’ve also liked very much to work on the 2D “perfect match” engine. I’ve had to read a lot of papers and documentation in order to implement and optimize a version of the program that could be used in production. It was a double challenge. First the research part, I had to search deep on the internet (page 15 and more on google) to find the more and most accurate information on the subject and then the implementation. The first version of the program was too slow to be used in production. So I had to find every possible trick to make it faster.

Thibaut: Discovering a lot of the deep learning tools that we use at Deepomatic has been quite challenging, but it has also been very rewarding to start training a deep neural network for automating the annotation of fashion images.

What has changed since you’re no longer an intern?

Zoé : The pay mostly ! Well not only, I have more responsibilities and I am more independent. But when I started my internship at Deepomatic it was said that the goal was for me to stay there after. I think my supervisor Vincent Delaitre really prepared me for that during those six months so when I actually started working, it didn’t feel like a big turn for me, it was natural.

Thibaut: My position has evolved quite significantly for the past months. I’m now a Product Manager so a lot has changed for me since the end of my internship. I like it a lot, even if it’s an everyday challenge to set up a product organisation in a small startup that has always been used to work without any formal process!

What’s your favorite experience with Deepomatic?

Thibaut: Definitely the seminar in Morocco last June. I had joined only one month before and it’s been a really great experience to spend one week with all the team in an amazing place!!

Zoé : I totally agree with Thibaut, the seminar was awesome. I started my internship not much before him and it was truly amazing to really know each team member of Deepomatic so quickly.

During the seminar there was a lot of discussion about the future of Deepomatic, the spirit of the company… It was really nice, as an intern, to be able to participate to those discussions and to actually feel listened to and taken into consideration.

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