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Deepomatic moves to Arts et Métiers

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Company

Deepomatic moved in December 2018 to new premises in the heart of Paris, at Arts et Métiers.

Our offices overlook the Musée des Arts et Métiers, one of the oldest technical and industrial museums in the world, and we are proud to highlight the fact that our technology company specializing in visual recognition belongs to this ambitious and historic industrial environment. This filiation is embodied by large bay windows that run along the entire space and allow everyone to admire the neighbouring museum.

The 300m2 premises, previously owned by Algolia (a successful company specializing in search as a service), have been completely redesigned by Deepomatic, in partnership with the interior design agency Atelier Paramètre, in order to provide the entire team with a dynamic, stylish and contemporary workspace adapted to the company’s growth. Indeed, Deepomatic aims to double its workforce this year.

Who better than Atelier Paramètre, “creators of intelligent spaces” to develop our artificial intelligence startup? The agency specializing in corporate interior design has already redesigned the premises of Artefact, a Parisian digital firm expert in big data and AI, demonstrating their unique ability to rethink the professional space according to the companies’ DNA. It is worth noting that their designers have been trained in London at the Chelsea College of Art & Design and the Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design. They are thus equipped with a prestigious international artistic training that differentiates them in the business world thanks to the very strong aesthetic dimension of their interior design creations. For them, there was “a great cohesion of the decision-making team that allowed us to freely express our creativity and carry out a project of unparalleled fluidity”.

This collaboration has enabled us to materialise our identity in the very layout of the space – an identity that is both technological and innovative, but also modern and stylish. The most representative decorative element of who we are is undoubtedly the Deepomatic neon at the entrance: a design reference to the laundromat, with a porthole and white tiling. Indeed, like a “technological launderette”, our product allows you to automatically clean large datasets – a necessary requirement to be able to train high-performance AIs. More generally, Deepomatic offers a solution that allows large businesses to operate visual recognition applications. Thanks to our software platform based on the latest deep learning technologies, our customers can make their cameras intelligent.

This modern and bold fluorescent pink neon light seems to warn anyone entering the premises that Deepomatic is far from the dusty clichés of the geeky, predominantly male tech company. Here, gender parity is strictly respected; diversity and exchange encouraged. For example, once a week at lunch time, in the large common dining room, we are randomly divided into groups of four, with people from different work teams such as marketing, product, developers, etc. eating together to encourage encounters and stimulate creativity. These team interactions can continue during yoga classes that take place every week, also in the dining room – a modular space that adapts to our needs.

The premises also benefit from a “creation room” designed in addition to the more traditional meeting rooms in order to stimulate our creativity through comfort, play (table football), reading and relaxation, in a friendly atmosphere and a soft luminous environment.

Light and sound play an important role in our relationship to space, which is why we have consulted experts on the matter to increase well-being and productivity. Natural light is predominant thanks to the bay windows that run along the open space (with views of both Arts et Métiers and Notre Dame). It is also predominant in the large meeting room dedicated to our clients. The room is both bathed in light with a spectacular view, and highly elegant thanks to its cork walls and their deep blue ribbon. You’ll find lush green plants everywhere which contribute to the natural atmosphere of the premises and give them an extra impression of teeming life. For everyone’s convenience, two soundproof telephone booths have been installed, and noise canceling headsets are provided to each employee by Deepomatic.

We chose an open space setting because we believe it is the most dynamic and collaborative of work environments, but you will also find more intimate areas and a small meeting room that we can access without having to make a reservation. “The dark blue ceiling of the open space sets the tone. It was all about creating a strong identity for this place where innovation and creativity are the key words.” (Atelier Paramètre).

Each room has a name: Diddy Yann, Dr. Deep, Lil Le Cun, or Ol Bengio, an improbable mix between the names of great pioneers in artificial intelligence (Yann le cun, Yoshua Bengio…) and famous American rappers. This amusing tribute to the inventors of AI with a contemporary twist is here again a good symbol of who we are – a technological and modern AI company.

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